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We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to visit this page and enquire about how you can donate to Boundless Arts.

We as company offer over 200 free places a week in our clubs and classes to children

within communities whose parents/guardians may not be able to

afford such classes for whatever reason.

We love to offer free places, and often give more than financially viable. We thrive on being accessible to as many families as possible, but this wouldn't be possible without the extremely kind donations from people like yourself. 

Due to the current financial situation this is super prevalent, and we want to

continue to offer free places at this difficult time.


We are extremely grateful for any donations that you can offer to the company. These donations will either enter a raffle, or, be placed into the direct support fund. 

TO DONATE: Please email with what donation you can offer whether it be a raffle prize or cash contribution to the fund.

Any questions please do email

Many thanks for taking the time to visit this page.

Your support means the world to us here at Boundless,

and we are eternally grateful for everyones continued support. 

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